Grail – medieval music

The inception of the band dates back to 1999. Throughout its history, Grál has seen the talents of numerous musicians grace its ranks. However, in its current iteration, Grál operates as a quartet, though it possesses the versatility to seamlessly transition into a trio as required.

Video – Grál

Since 2004, the group has become a fixture at the medieval tavern in Dětenice. Over the years, their performances have become a cornerstone of the tavern's entertainment, with Grál having staged countless shows, each adding to the vibrant tapestry of the tavern's atmosphere. Today, they stand as the central musical ensemble of this historic establishment, captivating audiences with their timeless melodies and energetic performances.


Band produced 3 CDs


The CD can be ordered at the following address:

Kpt. Bartoše 330
530 09 Pardubice, Czech republic
The price of each CD is 200 CZK.


Photo by Martina Čechová, more images here.